1. General information about the Shelter
1.1. Address of the Shelter: Ukraine, Kyiv oblast, Boryspilskyy rayon, selo Chubynske, vul. Lypneva, 1.
1.2. The Shelter is a rehabilitation centre for bears (genus Ursus L., 1758) of various species, removed from conditions unacceptable to their biological needs.
1.3. In addition to the risks associated with keeping wild animals, the following risk factors for human health are available on the territory of the Shelter:
– In addition to wild meadow plants, ragweed and Canadian goldenrod grow on the Shelter territory.
– The way to visit the Shelter is partly through a natural path and a coniferous alley, where contact with stinging wasps and mites is possible.

2. Persons to whom the Rules apply
2.1. The rules apply to the following persons, hereinafter referred to as “visitors”: 1) persons visiting the Shelter with a purchased ticket; 2) media representatives, bloggers, other persons who are on the territory of the Shelter at the invitation/consent of the Shelter management.
2.2. Visitors are required to comply with these Rules and Requirements of the Shelter’s staff (animal care workers and other staff wearing special clothing with the Shelter’s logos (White Rock Bear shelter) and/or the Charitable Foundation ( “Save wild Fund”).

3. General recommendations for visiting the Shelter
3.1. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothes to visit the Shelter.
3.2. Please follow the weather forecast and bring the appropriate personal protective equipment against the sun and rain (hats, umbrellas, drinking water, etc.).
3.3. We recommend that you have an individual first aid kit with you, according to your health (allergic reactions, cardiovascular problems, etc.) and drinking water.
3.4. Follow well-known safety rules: do not step on the hatch covers; avoid contact with metal structures during a thunderstorm; avoid eye contact with tree branches, etc.

4. The following actions are prohibited for visitors on the territory of the Shelter
4.1. Access to enclosures, husbandry zone and other places with signs forbidding entry to unauthorized persons. 4.2. Direct physical contact with bears.
4.3. Feeding bears and other means of coercion.
4.4. Intimidation and irritation of bears by creating loud noise (screams, loud conversations on the phone near the enclosures), other actions.
4.5. Leave your children unattended.
4.6. Food consumption at a distance closer than 1.5 m from the enclosure fence.
4.7. Consumption of alcohol and drugs that cause drug intoxication. Enter the territory of the Shelter in a state of intoxication.
4.8. Being on the territory of the Shelter with pets is not on a leash.
4.9. Climb or throw (push) any objects over the fence.
4.10. Touch the locks, bolts, equipment of the Shelter, try to open them, break them, damage them.
4.11. Smoking on the territory of the Shelter, except for specially marked places.
4.12. Damage greenery and landscaping elements on the territory of the Shelter.
4.13. To litter the territory of the Shelter.
4.14. Use drones and miniature UAVs without prior agreement with the Shelter Administration.
4.15. Use pyrotechnics and organize sources of an open flame.

5. Shelter:
5.1. Is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings and other property of visitors.
5.2. May conduct video surveillance to monitor compliance with these Rules.
5.3. Has the right to terminate the stay of visitors on the territory of the Shelter in case of violation of the requirements established by these Rules.

We hope for understanding!
Have a nice visit!