We are a circle of friends who have combined their professional experience, time and emotions for a common goal: to do everything possible to encourage people to coexist peacefully with the world of wildlife.

We want as many people as possible to see the true beauty of wild animals in the wild and, as a result, can no longer admire the performances with them in circuses –

that’s why we created the «White rock Bear shelter», a rehabilitation centre where everyone can see and hear the stories of bears rescued from the terrible conditions of circuses and restaurant menageries. Animals that for the first time in their lives are learning to live a real bear life: swim, run on the grass, climb trees, get food, hibernate.

We want as many people as possible to change their attitude towards wild animals as an object of entertainment. From the consumer – to the attitude with respect and understanding of the need to keep a distance and coexist with the wild world –

so we are ready to talk endlessly about the real cruel price of each children’s ticket to the contact menagerie or tent, each photo with an animal on the beach or a tourist street and each selfie with a lion for fun and income.

We want the number of wild animals in captivity for abuse and commercial exploitation in Ukraine to decrease and the number of organizations with proper wildlife conditions to increase, –

so we are ready to constantly explain why it is not necessary to «rescue» from the forest every lone baby roe deer, why not bring home an exotic animal solely under the influence of emotions from watching videos on social networks, and at the same time willing to advise people and organizations that help wild animals.

We work in the field of improving legislation, developing the idea of ​​rehabilitation of wild animals, constantly exchanging experiences with Ukrainian and foreign colleagues and consulting specialists. As part of the professional community in the field of nature protection and animal protection, we strive to unite with as many professionals in Ukraine and the world as possible, to develop a competence hub in Ukraine. But we dream of waiting for the time when rehabilitation centres in Ukraine will be needed solely to help animals in need, not because of human cruelty.

Our rules


We do not entertain visitors, but teach respect for animals

We do not force animals to go out to people or perform tricks

We arrange enclosures so that the animals feel comfortable

We do not breed animals

We do not sell or buy animals

We do not withdraw animals from the wild

We feed animals only according to the recommended diet and schedule