«SAVE WILD» was founded in 2018 by a team of like-minded people. Since then, we and the country have changed, but the principles of our activity have only become clearer.


We believe that Humanity has a chance for sustainable coexistence with Wild Nature.


We want as many people as possible to change their attitude towards wild animals as objects for entertainment or enrichment to respect and understand the need to keep a distance and coexist with the world of wildlife.


Legislative initiatives in the field of environmental protection, keeping wild animals in captivity and
combating cruel treatment and exploitation.

Rescue and rehabilitation of large carnivores. To do this, we have built a rehabilitation centre for wild carnivores and dream of scaling up.

Educational activities: excursions, lectures, interviews, publications, books, social networks, video projects, etc.

Implementation of the best global environmental practices and experience of animal protection initiatives in the domestic conservation sphere. We consider competent animal protection to be an integral part of nature protection.


We respect the rule of law, sovereignty and the basic law of Ukraine. We, as citizens, make it a strategic goal to leave the country in a better state than we received it at birth, with better laws and morals. Our will is aimed at participating in the formation of an enlightened civil society in Ukraine.

We are clearly aware that our activity is politically independent, but, like every sphere of human activity, it is a part of politics. That is why we do not stand aside from the processes in Ukraine (and the world) and, within the limits of our strength and competence, we participate in them.

We are competent and professional in our activities. We do not question the scientific achievements of Mankind and axioms in the field of natural sciences. But we respect the personal religious beliefs of other people if they do not contradict the Vision of our organization.

We accept the animal essence of Humans, and its advantages and disadvantages. We do not oppose (but do not equate) Humans and Animals. The symbol of our Fund is the balanced dualism of the essence of Humans: natural and acquired in the process of social evolution. Humanism and sustainable development. The principle of preserving the environment is the basis for the survival of mankind and the inheritance of its assets.

We realize that states, nations and societies arise and disappear, only Nature is constant. That is why preserving nature and promoting sustainable development is our priority.

Among other things, we are guided in our work by the declarations: «The Universal Declaration On Animal Welfare», «The Universal Declaration Of Animal Rights» and «Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Code of Ethics», the texts of which you can find on our website. We are convinced that the «Concept of Five Freedoms» extends to wild animals. Animals deserve altruism and morality from humans.