Yesterday, November 7, we had the worst day. Jah went to the rainbow. She died suddenly in her sleep.
Additional post-mortem tests are still ongoing. Our little she-wolf has been through a lot in her life. It hurts to talk about it.

Bye, baby, we’ll remember you!

Information update from 24.11.2023

A thorough laboratory study of the samples obtained during the autopsy was carried out. It turned out that our Polar Star had leukaemia, as evidenced by corresponding changes in the structure of the spleen. The disease developed very quickly since we did not detect its signs during a preventive examination in the summer, quickly destroyed the wolf’s immunity, and she died of a sudden form of sepsis. Unfortunately, nothing could be done…

We can only guess what caused the leukaemia. Among other reasons, it can be a genetically determined disease due to inbreeding and uncontrolled mindless reproduction of polar wolves in Ukraine.