In 2012, with the participation of the Four Paws Intl., Austria, a bear shelter called Nadiya was established.

In 2018, the Shelter came under the management of our International Charitable Foundation “Save Wild”, created in Ukraine, and received a new name “White Rock”.

The purpose of our Shelter (rehabilitation center) is to rescue bears suffering from human cruelty, their rehabilitation, and treatment after circuses, poisoning stations, and menageries, lifelong maintenance, or transfer to other rehabilitation centers.

Since its establishment, ten bears have been rehabilitated at the Shelter. Five of them moved to our partners in the Bear Shelter “Domazhyr” (Lviv oblast’, Ukraine). The other five – Mykhasyk, Lyubochka, Synochok, Chada, and Malvina – live in White Rock.

Veterinarians, zoologists, and caretakers of the rehabilitation center are responsible for the bear rehabilitation program and their diet. Every day, keepers hide food in enclosures to stimulate the natural behavior of bears – running, searching, digging, swimming, and climbing.

Usually, White Rock is open to visitors all year round. Thus, until October 2020, it was visited by up to seven thousand people annually.

In October 2020, the Shelter moved from Zhytomyr oblast’ to Kyiv oblast’ (Ukraine).

In August 2021, we reopened for visits.


The shelter is closed for visits during hibernation.

See you in March! In the meantime, you can follow the life of bears on our social media pages.




Our Mykhasyk came to us at the age of three in 2017 from the Khmelnytsky region, where he lived in a tiny metal cage. He sat there in the dark alone among the metal. He is still very young – a teenager. The first day he hesitated for a long time whether to go out of the box, he was so used to captivity. And then accelerated and ran. For the first time in his life, he ran and dived into the pond. Now he has mastered the aviary and does not live here alone. After all, a year later, two circus bears were brought to us – Lyubochka and Sinochka. Mykhas’ is not the bravest bear in the world, so he usually goes everywhere with Lyuba. In winter he sleeps in a den, and in summer he likes to swim. Mikhasyk is sterilized because we want bears in captivity to become smaller, not larger. And it’s so much easier to find him company.


Our youngest girl. Lyuba came to us in 2018 from the circus for two years and is very stressed because the circus extremely destroys the psyche of bear cubs. At first, she was constantly hiding. And then she got used to it a bit, and we introduced her to Mykhas’. Lyuba was afraid of her son, with whom she was brought from the circus because he was an adult and dangerous for her. But Misha is almost the same age and friend. Lyuba is very inquisitive. She constantly checks all the hiding places to see if there are anything tasty leaves. In winter she sleeps in a den with Mykhas’. Her fur already looks good – the right diet has worked. And the character became calmer. Lyuba loves to fish and tomatoes. But I always don’t mind sharing with Misha.


My son is an adult bear, a former circus performer who spent eight years in a cage and arena and came to us in 2018. He has a very calm and beautiful character, like a Labrador. My son always finds something to do – he plays with a stick, swims, climbs on structures. He had problems with his teeth, so the first thing we did was invite dentists from the Dnieper and Germany and they treated Son’s smile. At first, he was very scared and did not want to go to the cage for two weeks. But now he knows everything around him and feels like a master.


Chada is the oldest in the Shelter. Chad was found by activists in the industrial zone of the village of Belogorodka. She lived there for 7 years, and before that she “worked” in Ukrtsirk all her life. For another two years, Chad waited her turn in a private menagerie to come to us. So, she came to the White Rock in 2019 as a very old, 21-year-old. And only at such a respectable age did she finally begin to live a real bear life. Chada belongs to a very rare subspecies of brown bear – Tien Shan. It is not easy for her to please with food because even among tangerines she chooses the sweetest ones.


Malvina was rescued in 2020 at the age of five from a horrible menagerie where she lived in a transport cage. She is tiny and slender because she is a white-breasted Himalayan bear. Himalayan bears usually have large rounded ears, but our Malvinka lost them as a child due to the terrible conditions of detention. She is very curious, loves to climb, and loves oranges. The Himalayas are monkeys among bears. They climb well and skillfully manipulate objects.