Our Shelter was established in 2012 with the participation of Four Paws Intl. under the first name “Nadiya”. In 2017, the Shelter came under the management of the International Charitable Fund “Save Wild”, which was established in Ukraine, and was renamed to “White Rock”.

Nine bears have already rehabilitated in our Shelter. They moved to our partners in Bear shelter “Domazhyr”.

We now have four bears – Myhas’, Lyuba, Synochok and Chada.

The total area of enclosures in Shelter is 0.6 ha. Every bear have pond, den, vegetation, rocks, enrichment. Every day, kippers hide forage in the enclosure to stimulate the natural behaviour of bears – to run, search, dig, swim and climb. For veterinary procedures, surgeons, dentists, radiologists are invited.

You can visit bears all year long (admission to the Shelter is free) and purchase a guided tour or souvenirs. Up to 7,000 people visit us every year.



Our Mykhasyk came to us from the Khmelnyts’ka oblast’, where he lived in a tiny metal cage. He sat there in the darkness alone in the metal. He is still quite young – a teenager. On the first day, he hesitated for a long time whether to go out of the box, so he was used to captivity. And then sprinted and rushed. For the first time in his life, he ran and dived in the pond. Now he has mastered the aviary and does not live here alone. A year later, two circus bears, Lyubochka and Synochok, were brought to us. Myhas’ is not the bravest bear in the world, so he usually goes everywhere with Lyuba. In winter, he sleeps in a den, and in the summer likes to swim in the lake and not just like that – and even riding on a little tree knows how. And above all, he climbs a tree to see the Zhytomyrs’ka oblast’ from above. Myhasyk is sterilized because we want fewer bears in captivity, not more. And it’s even easier to find a company for him.


Our youngest girl. Lyuba came to us two years old and very stressed because the circus is extremely destroying the minds of bears. At first, she kept hiding. And then she got used to it and we introduced her to Myhas’. Lyuba was afraid of Synochok because he was an adult and dangerous to her. But Misha is almost a peer and a friend. Anyone very inquisitive. She constantly checks all the hiding places – if there is something tasty left. She has not slept in the winter, but we hope it will happen soon. Her fur looks good already – the right diet has worked. And the character became calmer. Luba loves a fish and tomatoes. But always do not mind to share with Misha.


Son is an adult bear, a former circus performer who spent eight years in the cage and on the arena. He has a very calm and beautiful character, like a Labrador. He is sympathetic to our dog Urs, who was rescued once in an accident and housed in his enclosure next to Son. We can say that he has a dog. Son always finds for himself what to do – he plays with a stick, he swims, and he climbs on designs. He had a problem with his teeth, so the first thing we did was invite dentists from the Dnieper and Germany and treat the Son’s smile. At first he was very scared and did not want to go into the enclosure for two weeks. But now he knows everything around and feels like a master.


Activists were found Chada in the industrial zone of the selo Belogorodka. She lived there for 7 years, and before that she lived in UkrCircus. For another two years Chada waited her turn to get to us in a private menagerie. She belongs to a very rare subspecies of brown bear – Tien-Shan. At 21, she is the oldest in the Shelter.


How to Help a Shelter? 

Come for a guided tour, a coffee with the bears, or buy one of our top quality souvenirs at the Shelter or online store. You can simply make a donation or adopt a bear and support the Shelter regularly.


We moved and are temporarily closed. Follow the news on our pages.
Opening soon in the Kyiv region. In the meantime – quarantine, and adaptation