Shelters for wild animals

“White Rock” Bear Shelter

Shelters planned for opening:

  • Wolf Shelter (currently in development)
  • Big cats Shelter (currently in development)

Social Initiatives

We conduct eco-educational activities on our pages in Internet. We want to convey to all as much as possible reliable information about the biology of wild animals and about their protection.

Subscribe to our pages on social networks and learn more about animals rescue, science research and interesting facts.

Volunteer Initiatives

In the news we post information about the opportunity to join the volunteer visits to the Shelter.

Let’s work with hands and head for the sake of wild animals!

We also participate in thematic conferences and meetings, we cooperate with other zoo-protective organizations.

Field work in Exclusion zone of ChNPP

Specialists of Save Wild team provides a scientific research in Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.