Malvina was born at the Podolsk Zoo in January 2015. It was immediately put up for sale. When the baby was taken from the mother, the mother bear received extreme stress and bit off the cub’s eardrums. Malvina found herself in a Pokrovsk private menagerie, which belonged to a very cruel man. Bears, lions, and monkeys lived in tiny cages without shelter just outside and were constantly dying. Malvina was kept in a transport cage in the dark of the barn for 4.5 years. She could not get up to full height, hide or walk.

When activists managed to close the death factory and confiscate all the animals, Malvina was transferred to another private menagerie for six months before the court ruling.

Finally, on August 12, 2020, Malvina arrived at the White rock Bear shelter, where she went free under the sky for the first time. She is still young and is gradually beginning to trust. Malvina is incredibly intelligent and sociable. She actively communicates through the fence with other bears. She runs ahead with the young and flirts with the males.