International Charitable Foundation “Save Wild” is a non-profit, financially and politically independent Charitable organization. Shelters are financed only thanks to money received from excursions, souvenirs’ sale, partnerships and donations. We are grateful for any help from indifferent philanthropists to the fate of wild animals!

How can I help?

Make donation

You can also help the fund and, in particular, WHITE ROCK Bear Shelter financially:

Bank of Beneficiary: Joint Stock Company Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Leskova street, 9, KYIV city, Ukraine
Correspondent Account: 55.022.305
Correspondent bank: Raiffeisen Bank International AG
UA743808050000000026004606011 UAH
UA723808050000000026007606063 USD
UA663808050000000026007606074 EUR
Beneficiary: Charitable organization “International Charitable Foundation “Save Wild””


The card of PrivatBank
Number: 5168 7551 0647 8874
Beneficiary: Boyko Taras Anatolievich
Purpose of payment: Charitable contribution

Unfortunately, according to Ukrainian laws we cannot receive money from PayPal .

Buy a souvenir

Choose any souvenir or souvenirs on the store page on our website – you will help our shelter a lot, and in addition, you will get a quality and beautiful thing in remembrance.

Come on an excursion to the Shelter

We invite children and adults to visit bears! You will learn everything about these wonderful animals. Our experts will tell you about our bears, why and from where they came to the Shelter. How exactly rehabilitation is going on. Will tell you the history of our animals, will show how the bears behave naturally – when they are not in cages, but in conditions close to their natural ones.

Adopt a Bear

For a week or for a lifetime.
Full adoption:
10,000 UAH a month and your family or company becomes an official adopter. As adopters, you are mentioned in the bear nameplate on the enclosure, on the web-site and in social networks. You have the right of free excursions for you and your team (family). You will receive a special adopter sign.
Partial adoption:
1,000 UAH and for a week you, or the one to whom you have given this right, becomes the adopter of the chosen bear. You will get a certificate and mentions on social networks.


If your company or organization wants to “adopt” a bear, to organize an event to promote fund and Shelter popularization, or to conduct team-building in the territory of the Shelter  – you are welcome, we will be glad to partnership! You can contact us via contact-form or email:

If you have more interesting ideas about our partnership, we are always glad to see them in the inbox 🙂


To help employees of the Shelter and to learn more about such wonderful beasts, our bears? Or help in organizing charity events or lectures? Or maybe you have super skills and know the way you can help us? Please write to us!

Thank you!