Feel the real wildness with Save Wild!

We offer you an extraordinary journey to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone located two hours drive from Kyiv. This is not just a tour with a guide, this is a chance to truly understand, hear and see.

There are several known answers to this question, here they are:

What is the ChNPP exclusion zone?

There are several known answers to this question, here they are:

  1. The place of the largest disaster at the nuclear power plant crucial for modern history.
  2. The territory where the unprecedented, as for peacetime, evacuation of the population occurred.
  3. The most contaminated place on the planet.

All this is so. But these answers do not completely describe the zone. There is a different perspective on the Zone in the area of specialists – biologists, radioecologists, security experts and others. For them it is an “open-air laboratory”, a “unique engineering solutions ground”, “the largest reserve of European forest fauna” and “a field of new senses”. In short, this is a unique and still not fully comprehended territory. We want to discover this reality for you.

Save Wild organizes an adventure tours to the exclusion zone where you:

  • Find out the significance of Chernobyl accident in recent history;
  • see what happens when happens “disengagement of civilization” – the lifetime of artificial structures, the exit of the cultural landscape out of control and much more;
  • get acquainted with mythology of the exclusion zone – radioactive hell, mutants, wolf-dogs, anomalies and artifacts – and why all these things do not exist in reality;
  • Discover the wild world of the exclusion zone – traces of wolves, flying eagles over a cooling pond and searching for herds of Przewalski horses together with scientists;
  • touch the archeology of Soviet civilization: “Nuclear power plant as the peak of industrial technology”, “the perfect Soviet city – the atomic Pripjat”, “the military object” Chernobyl-2 “- a monument of engineering thought of the Cold War;
  • See how today the exclusion zone from the disaster area becomes a development area.

 Join the trip! Follow the news on the site to find out the date of the next tour or fill in an application, and we will notify you in person.

Several photos from the previous expeditions:

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