Shelters for wild animals

Bear Shelter “White Rock”

Here, near Zhytomyr, an oasis of wildlife was created, where bears rescued from cruel life and maintenance undergo rehabilitation and learn to be bears.

In the Shelter you can come on a tour for adults and children. We also offer activities for family holiday and team-building, holidays, promotions and excursions for visitors with special needs, sightseeing excursions to interesting nearby places with Shelter visiting, special offers for animal photographers.

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How to help the Shelter?

You can visit our Shelter and “drink coffee” with our bears, or you can buy one of our thematic quality souvenirs – both in the Shelter and in our on-line store. You can just make a donation or “adopt” a bear and regularly support the Shelter.

Shelters planned for opening:

  • Wolves Shelter (currently on the stage of development)
  • Big cats Shelter (currently on the stage of development)

Social Initiatives

We conduct eco-educational activities on our pages in Internet. We want to convey to all as much as possible reliable information about the biology of wild animals and about their protection.

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Volunteer Initiatives

In the news we post information about the opportunity to join the volunteer visits to the Shelter.

Let’s work with hands and head for the sake of wild animals!

We also participate in thematic conferences and meetings, we cooperate with other zoo-protective organizations.

Field work and excursions to the Exclusion zone

Save Wild offers you to feel real wildness. We offer you an extraordinary journey to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone located two hours drive from Kiev. This is not just a tour with a guide, this is a chance to truly understand, hear and see.

Unlike travel companies, our guides are not guides, but real professionals who have been studying the area for many years. Therefore, no question will remain unanswered.

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